Reasons to Use Free Keylogger Software

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Download Free Keylogger Software to See Who Is Using Your PC

Free Keylogger software can help protect you and your family as well as monitoring who is using your computer when you are away from it.

People often think that businesses are the only ones using free keylogger software. Businesses often do track company computers to monitor employees’ work. Some programs only need to be installed on the main server, while others require it to be loaded on each individual computer. The program stores each keystroke, each web page visited, and every program accessed. Employees must be informed that they are being monitored, but managers can then guarantee that the staff is not wasting company time or abusing Internet privileges.

You Never Know Who is Using Your PC When You Are Not There!

Not all employees are honest, and managers may have a difficult time verifying that the staff is being as productive as they could be. Some employees hide Internet windows with Facebook or personal email behind their work-related programs. Therefore, when a manager looks at their computer screen, all appears normal. However, with keylogger software, the manager no longer needs to sneak up on employees or try to catch suspicious activity. The software will do it for him or her.

Free keylogger software is not just for catching unproductive employees. Suppose an employee visits a site with a malicious virus program. It could not only infect that employee’s machine, but all of the computers on the network. Hackers could also get control of confidential company information or client contact and credit card information. This could harm the company’s reputation and financial stability.

But how does free keylogger software monitor your PC and keep your family 100% safe online? For starters, this type of software can be used as a back-up of your system. If your computer crashes or a virus interferes with your operating system, a keylogger program will have a backup of everything you type. This is especially helpful when writing reports or if your children or doing schoolwork and the computer freezes up or the electricity goes out. With keylogger software, you have an instant back-up with no worries.

Keep Your Family Safe Free Keylogger Software

Keyloggers do more than just monitor keystrokes. They can also take screenshots, record audio if someone is using the microphone to chat with programs such as Skype, monitor instant messages and emails, including usernames and passwords. This is helpful because you never know who is using your PC when you are not there. Keylogger software will not only tell you who is using your computer, but what they are doing on it.

If you have children, you worry about what they might find on the Internet. You might restrict how often they are allowed on the computer and even tell them which web sites they are permitted to visit. However, even doing innocent research for a school paper might end with your young child accidentally stumbling across pornography or gambling related web sites. Keylogging programs give you the power and ability to block adult web sites and also to see if anyone in the household is attempting to access such sites. This type of program is the best, most secure way of ensuring that your children do not stumble across material that they should not see.

Bullying is a huge issue with children today, and oftentimes they do not approach their parents when other kids are harassing them. This bullying occurs online more often than not. With keylogger software, you can monitor what your children are doing on the Internet and you will be able to see both sides of the conversation. Even if your child does not inform you of the bullying, you will be aware and be able to take action in his or her defense.

People use free keylogger programs if they suspect that someone is using their computer without permission. It can help you monitor your children and ensure that they are using the Internet safely. If you are worried about a loved one chatting inappropriately or visiting unwanted web sites, keylogger will let you know.

Keylogger programs protect your business and your family simply by letting your know who accesses your computer and what they are doing on it.

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